20 of the Most Spectacular Winter Photographs You’ve Probably Never Seen


[dropcap2 textColor=”#ffffff”]T[/dropcap2]hank you to Inspiration Exhibitfor featuring my 2009 photo challenge photo “Landscape” in their winter photos post.

From the site:
“Let’s face it we all love warm weather (if you don’t, you’re probably insane), but the true beauty of winter is undeniable. Now, I don’t know where you’re visiting this site from, but if you’re a Southern New Englander you probably love the first snowfall and hate just about every one after that. Well this year has been a fluke in our little region of the world (thanks global warming!). It’s almost halfway through February and it’s only really snowed once (our snow season is typically November – March). I’m really beginning to miss being able to grab my camera and go for a hike in a snow covered forest. So what I decided to do is scour my favorite photo sites and create a post to highlight some of the most brilliant and inspirational winter photographs (and manipulations) from around the world. Enjoy!

© 2012 Loren Zemlicka

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